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The Evans Legacy

Learn about the partners at our predecessor firm, Evans & Evans.


Thomas W.W. Evans established the firm in 1894 and, in 1908, built our present building, known as the “Evans Block.” He ran a full-time practice until his retirement in 1955 and was appointed as King’s Counsel in 1951 by King George VI for his years of service. An active member of the community, Thomas was also a representative on the council of the United Church and was a past Master of the Masonic Lodge.


Charles T.S. Evans was a son of Thomas W.W. He joined the firm in 1926 and retired in 1986. He was also appointed as King’s Counsel. The beginning of his practice coincided with the Holland Marsh Reclamation scheme, which saw the drainage and reclamation of approximately 7,000 acres of waste marshland and the construction of the canal. Charles considered himself fortunate to have been able to help so many hard-working people from diverse backgrounds as Bradford’s population grew.


Brock M. Evans was also a son of Thomas W.W., and joined the firm in 1950, where he practiced until his retirement in 1987. Just like his father and brother before him, he was appointed as King’s Counsel. Brock was an avid reader and enjoyed his position as President of the Bradford Lions Club. Brock is remembered for his keen wit, eloquence, and open mind.


Thomas E. Evans was one of Charles’ sons and brother to current partner, Robert F. Evans. He joined the firm in 1958 and was appointed as Queen’s Counsel by Queen Elizabeth II. Thomas was enthusiastic about serving the community. He was an active member on the Town Council and a founding director of the York Region Law Association (York North at the time). He served as the Town Solicitor for many years and was beloved by many in Bradford.

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